The lifeblood of any
business is its people.
Do you need help
managing yours?

Let us handle your
staffing issues, so
you can get on with
running your

Whatever the size
of your workforce
we have a
solution to fit.

HR Outsourcing and Consultancy Services

Bespoke HR was established in 2005 and offers a professional, pragmatic and independent human resources consultancy and outsourcing services. Bespoke HR provide expert bespoke solutions to support your individual business needs.

HR Outsourcing

Outsource your HR function

We can work as part of your management team offering an HR presence within your business and our team can work both on-site and remotely providing your company with a fully functioning HR department with all the services you require.

HR Consultancy

Human resources support and advice

The UK employment law is constantly changing, with new legislation being introduced and updated on a regular basis. We can provide HR support, advice and documentation that will give your organisation the opportunity to offer a full and consistent approach to managing your team.

HR Documentation

All your documentation requirements

We can provide all of the documentation that you need for your employees including contracts of employment, handbooks and company policies and procedures. All of these can be bespoked for your business needs.