Getting the best from your employees and helping them to develop.

Appraisals and performance development reviews can help develop individuals, improve organisational performance and feed into the business strategy and planning.

A structured programme can help employees feel that their good work is being recognised and that they are valued by their employers. It can also provide the opportunity to discuss weaknesses, areas of development needs, or problems that they may have, and come up with appropriate solutions.

Appraisals do not have to be a time-consuming form filling exercise. Conducted correctly, they can be of great benefit to the company. They are also an integral part of many regulatory body requirements such as CQC and IFA.

We can help develop and implement a framework, structure and process to suit the needs of your business including recording continuous feedback of employee performance, objectives and development using PDR Cloud. No more frustrating end of year rush, just continuous feedback from internal or external sources leading to continuous employee development.

We can also provide assistance with face to face review meetings, and even attend those meetings if required, to help get the best from your employees but also to help the personal develop of your team.

For more information about the online system we use, check out the PDR Cloud website.

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