Apprenticeship Reforms

The SME's guide to apprenticeship reforms

Most of us are now familiar with the Apprenticeship Levy, announced last year in the July budget. However, what you may not know is that it was introduced alongside a swathe of other reforms to the way apprenticeships are run - some of which could benefit your business.

Flexible benefits schemes

How to set up a flexible benefits scheme at your SME

The flexible benefits landscape has changed for small businesses. For years, staff benefits were the domain of larger businesses able to offer varied perks and incentives. However, compulsory auto-enrolment has now forced many SMEs to consider how else they can reward their employees, rather than simply through remuneration.

Salary Sacrifice Schemes

An employers' guide to salary sacrifice schemes

In basic terms, a salary sacrifice scheme does just as it says on the tin. Employees exchange part of their salaries with employers for extra benefits. Whilst this all sounds straight forward, changes are afoot from 6 April 2017, which all employers and employees need to be aware of.

HR challenges for small businesses

The 10 most common HR challenges for small businesses

Along with cash flow, generating new business and marketing, we know that HR can present a raft of challenges for small business owners. Working with small businesses for over 10 years, we have put together the top 10 most HR common challenges, and what you can do to overcome them.

Questions to avoid in an interview

10 questions to avoid in an interview

Turning up a month early for your interview, spilling coffee over your future boss or forgetting the name of the company. The list of job interview gaffs are endless. We know the key to most successful interviews are well-prepared and intelligent questions. So which questions should employees and employers avoid at all costs?

HR strategy for SMEs

5 things SMEs should consider in an HR strategy

Whether you employ five people or 50, in order to attract and retain the best staff you will need a robust HR Strategy. It doesn't have to be complex or lengthy, but should always cover these five key elements.

Getting the most from your staff in appraisals

10 ways to get the most from your staff in appraisals

Just the mention of the word "appraisal" can fill managers and staff alike with dread. Once likened to "root canal dental work on our list of things we look forward to" by a Harvard Business School Professor, it seems appraisals are universally unpopular.

Social Media Policies

How to create a social media policy?

You won't be surprised to learn that almost 80% of employees access social media whilst at work, according to a recent study in the US. Others guestimate that this figure could be considerably higher. With personal use only set to increase, some experts even suggest offering employees a 'social media break', replacing the rather out-dated tea or cigarette breaks.

Apprenticeship Levy

How will the apprenticeship levy affect your business?

By now, you will know that the government has confirmed the go-ahead of the apprenticeship levy from spring of next year. With only nine months to go, are you clear on what it means for your business?


What does Brexit mean for your HR strategy?

With uncertainty still remaining about when Article 50 will be triggered, there are no changes for employers or companies who either trade with the EU or employ EU citizens. However, it is worth acting now to pre-empt changes that may occur in the future.......