We understand how delicate such a process can be for a business. One of our consultants can assist or manage every step of the redundancy process for you.

Redundancy is one of the most traumatic events an employee may experience.

Announcement of redundancies will invariably have an adverse impact on morale, motivation and productivity. The negative effects can be reduced by sensitive handling of the redundancy process, redundant employees and those remaining staff.

Dismissal may be termed as redundancy when it results from:

  • Cessation of the business.
  • Cessation of business at the employee’s site.
  • A reduction or cessation of work.
  • Anticipation of a reduction or cessation of work.

There are statutory requirements to fulfil when making redundancies.

  • Redundancy procedure outline:
  • Planning – identifying, considering time scales and mitigating reason.
  • Procedure – acting fair and consistently throughout.
  • Pool selection – including reviewing alternatives.
  • Collective consultations – acting in due care when facing employee concerns.
  • Selection – using the correct method and justification.
  • Individual consultations – letter preparation, time scales, consistency with each employee.
  • Notification – completing the correct paperwork within statutory timescales.
  • Dismissal notices – verbal and written notification.
  • Pay – complying with the statutory minimum and or enhanced payments.
  • Appeals – employee right.
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