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Penrose is a supported housing and services organisation with hostels in London and drop-in centres in Lewisham and Luton. We have approximately 150 employees with a small HR team based at our head office in Islington. We are funded by local authorities and NHS PCT's. The market is very competitive and funders are always looking for savings, no more so than now following the central governments cuts. Therefore, a restructure was deemed necessary to cut costs and improve communication.

The Executive Management Team decided to remove a tier of management but did not have the in-house resources to achieve this. We therefore engaged the services of Bespoke HR to assist with the planning of this project. They then undertook the majority of the detailed work including: the notice of redundancy announcements; the consultation meetings; identifying the selection criteria, the interviews; the assessment days and the appeal meetings.

We are very pleased that the project was completed on time and within budget with no Employment Tribunal claims. We are very grateful to Alison and her team for all their hard work.

We have used them before and would use them again without hesitation.

Martin Dalby, Director of Business & Finance, Penrose


PDR System

The Bespoke HR PDR system has become an integral part of POSSIBLE's business. It is a well-designed and easy to use system, which is extremely robust; and offers a simple way for managers to capture real-time performance; making performance review a part of everyday work-life, and not just an exercise run by an HR team once a year.

The system is flexible and adaptable so you can tailor it to your business goals; and your organization's individual job roles and their competencies. The flow of the system works neatly and efficiently, with the email alerts and reminders being a great way of ensuring that managers and employees are constantly receiving and giving performance related feedback and keeping on track of objectives and development activities.

The system has been a perfect partner for our HR team in promoting a business culture of continuous performance improvement, and employee motivation and development. The team at Bespoke HR have also been incredibly supportive, open and quick in responding to system improvements suggestions, and partnering with POSSIBLE to build a review system which works for us in our Creative industry.

Michelle Cawley, HR Manager, Possible

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust


We are a progressive Sports Trust, registered as an independent Charity employing 100 people with a range of contracts from full to part time.

We chose Bespoke HR because Alison and her team provide a service that is tailored to the needs of our organization with a dedicated account manager. Alison has become part of our team, providing advice whenever required. There were a number of organizations that wanted our business as we are in an expanding sector but Bespoke HR were clearly the right choice for us.

Lee Doyle, CEO, Brentford FC Community Sports Trust

CIBT Visas

PDR System

Before using the Bespoke HR PDR system, we used a paper based appraisal system and some managers and employees would leave the preparation to the last minute or they had to waste time chasing other's comments before we had the appraisal meeting.

The Bespoke HR PDR system is great as it allows us all to access all the information on our phones and tablets when we are travelling and we can update the staff files constantly.

Seran Bentley-Thoburn, Operations Director - Europe, CIBT

Pride Catering


We are a medium sized contract catering company with our Head Office in Guildford, Surrey and our units all based in the South East.

We have found Bespoke HR to be quick to respond and professional in the way they carry out their business. Alison demonstrates real loyalty to our company, especially when attending client meetings with us, and is a strong part of my senior management team.

It is easy to forget that we are not the only company they do work for!

Joan Gilbert, Managing Director, Pride Catering Partnership Limited

Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic


We have been using Bespoke HR in our business for a number of years, and helping us totally restructure our HR functions.

Their work and assistance has been invaluable in helping us manage all the necessary changes to the business, from contractual issues to recruitment, training and making the necessary changes in the team, so as to improve the overall performance of the business.

I would not hesitate in recommending Bespoke HR services.

Tim Thackrah, Principal, Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic

PDR System

Doing appraisals for over 20 members of a team is never easy, and prior to having the Bespoke HR PDR system, it meant a lot of paperwork, especially as with our appraisals; we like for team members to be able to appraise others to give an overall view on that person's work.

We have now had the Bespoke HR system for a few years, and we have never looked back. It makes for a more efficient and effective appraisal process, allowing people to access their own appraisals, giving managers a simpler more structured appraisal set-up, and making sure that all team members can add to their own appraisals or others throughout the year so that nothing is missed.

The main aid for me is time, there is no rush; as the team are filling it in all year, keeping updated with their objectives and development activities, it makes it much easier to manage everyone and ensure that people are working to the correct standard.

Cat Dingee, Operations Manager, Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic

Direct Debit Limited


I have used Bespoke HR for a range of employment assistance and support.

I have always found them incredibly helpful and professional.

I have drawn on their wealth of knowledge and experience in a number of situations and found their advice invaluable.

Kate Slorick, HR Manager, Direct Debit Limited



GeoPlace engaged Bespoke HR to support us as we harmonised HR terms and conditions following the formation of the LLP by bringing two organisations together.

Bespoke HR expertise has been invaluable to support the development of new handbook and contractual arrangements; supporting pay harmonisation and staff consultation.

In addition, they have provided professional and responsive HR services across our business.

Zoe Britt, Research and communications manager, GeoPlace

Impax Asset Management Group PLC


Bespoke HR has been a great support to our company as it has grown and handled issues of different kinds as they have arisen.

Their pragmatic approach and sound advice are attributes that have provided us with great confidence in the business over the years.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bespoke HR to any business.

Jillian Riddle, HR & Administration Manager, Impax Asset management Group PLC

Bracelands Orthodontic Practices


I commissioned Bespoke HR to assist me with all my Orthodontic Practices after they were referred to me through one of my professional colleagues.

I specifically asked them to do a full human resources review of my businesses, design and implement a new HR strategy to help move my business forward.

Since joining the business, Bespoke HR has delivered everything they promised to an exceptional standard. They are proactive, pragmatic, and really care about the business always acting in the best interest of all.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services and have every confidence they can add value to any business.

PDR System

I run three orthodontic practices at different sites in Surrey and having an online remote appraisal system means that I do not have to be reliant on paperwork and filing systems in order to update comments or review actions.

The appraisal system allows me and the management team to manage staff consistently and fairly and have the information available at any time. Objectives and training can be agreed with deadlines which are recorded and stored to ensure that they are carried out to meet the changing demands of the business.

The staff have all adapted to the new system and find it so simple to use whether it is at work or on their phones / tablets on the move or at home.

Previously some staff were dissatisfied that various verbal discussions were not being delivered. This may have been due to business changes or a change in management or personnel. However, now, all the information is recorded and all historical data and performance is available at any time. This is really valuable for the staff and ensures that we are all accountable for key tasks and actions for the good of the Practices.

Tim McDonogh, Principle, Bracelands Orthodontic Practices

The Dental Business School


In the world of HR, you need somebody who knows their stuff, can communicate well and can get the job done. Not just another corporate drone - Alison lives in the real world and knows how to get results - especially for the owners of smaller businesses and professional practices. I've seen her at work and she's good.

Chris Barrow (Principal and Founder at The Dental Business School)



We have been using the services of Bespoke HR for a few years now.

They have assisted us with a number of HR projects such us, Recruitment, Company Handbook, Contract Reviews, and Restructures.

Bespoke HR offer a solution that takes into account the needs of our business whilst considering and presenting all the options available, helping us to make the best decision.

Bespoke HR are not a 9-5 solution, they are on hand to help when it is needed. They work as an integral part of the management team, and are committed to the success of our business.

Heather Bunney, Account Director, Cegos

Dental Financial Associates


I was first introduced to Bespoke HR through one of my clients and it has proved to be a very fortunate introduction.

From the very beginning Alison has a very professional and friendly manner and clearly knows a great deal about her subject. All the team are exactly the same and fun to deal with.

She has been extremely helpful to us in reorganising the way we manage our staff, I felt we were good at this already, but Alison has given us a new insight and created very efficient and effective systems to ensure that we get all our staff issues just right with everyone happy and working to their strengths.

As a busy, business owner, you need eyes in the back of your head or you need Bespoke HR. At Dental Financial Associates we are relied upon by our clients to effectively manage all their financial and business related issues. Where we do not have adequate resources in-house, say with an HR issue, we are expected to refer other businesses that can actually sort out the problems.

We only work with dentists so it is vitally important that any company associated with us is reputable. We recommend Bespoke HR to our clients a great deal and are very happy to continue to do so.

Thanks Bespoke HR, you have made a very important part of my business much easier to manage.

Martin Haines, Owner, Dental Financial Associates

J.H Marketing Ltd


As a small business, we never thought we would need any help with our HR, but we found ourselves facing a formal grievance from a longstanding employee.

Alison immediately steadied the ship, and made sure that we followed procedures to avoid any breaches of the ACAS code. Her friendly but professional approach provided us with some much needed reassurance at what was a distressing time.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Bespoke HR

Nick Baker, MD, J.H Marketing Ltd

Adjust Your Set

PDR System

We used the Bespoke HR PDR system to help us gather feedback on team members as part of our annual performance reviews. Everyone found the system simple to use, and the team at Bespoke HR were always on hand to answer any queries I had about the system.

Lauren Baldwin, HR Manager, Adjust Your Set