Elmsleigh House

“Doing appraisals for over 20 members of a team is never easy, and prior to having Bespoke HR’s PDR system, it meant a lot of paperwork, especially as with our appraisals; we like for team members to be able to appraise others to give an overall view on that person’s work.

We have now had the Bespoke HR system for a few years, and we have never looked back. It makes for a more efficient and effective appraisal process, allowing people to access their own appraisals, giving managers a simpler more structured appraisal set-up, and making sure that all team members can add to their own appraisals or others throughout the year so that nothing is missed.

The main aid for me is time, there is no rush; as the team are filling it in all year, keeping updated with their objectives and development activities, it makes it much easier to manage everyone and ensure that people are working to the correct standard.”

Cat Dingee, Operations Manager, 
Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic