Does your business need an HR health check?

Think your business needs some HR input, but not sure where or how? Here are 10 signs your business could use an HR health check:

  1. Not all your employees have employment contracts (read what you should include here).
  2. You have no formal policies and procedures in place or are not 100% convinced they meet current employment law regulations. This is a surefire sign that your business needs an HR health check.
  3. Your staff do not have job descriptions. 
  4. You are unsure of the next steps if an employee was to make a complaint about bullying or harassment for example.
  5. You have no formal performance review / appraisal process in place.
  6. You have no structured onboarding processes.
  7. Staff retention is typically less than two years or perhaps you have lost more staff than normal in the past six months.
  8. Your business doesn’t have an up-to-date company handbook.
  9. You have no formal recruitment process or you struggle to attract the right calibre of candidates.
  10. You do not check references or qualifications of new starters or conduct exit interviews when staff leave. 

If this sounds familiar, and you would like some HR advice – take our simple free HR Health Check questionnaire which will give you a score, and we will send you suggestions on how you can improve. Click on the link below and we’ll send you the results with our recommendations.

Click here to take the HR Health Check questionnaire

Does your business need an HR health check? We would be happy to chat some more and offer advice. Get in touch.