The government has launched a ‘The Skills Toolkit’, an online learning platform to boost skills whilst at home. In addition to this, there are many free training resources available during this time, we have rounded up some of the best free training opportunities:

  • The Skills Toolkit – the government’s online learning platform. Courses cover a range of levels, from everyday maths and tools for using email and social media more effectively at work to more advanced training.
  • TED talks – over 3k inspirational talks on a variety of topics.
  • Open Learn is a library of free online courses from the Open University.
  • Futurelearn has a number of free short courses from food tech to forensic psychology.
  • Reed has courses covering IT skills to nutrition.
  • LinkedIn is offering free tutorials on a range of subjects.
  • Upskill Digital has courses covering working from home and upskilling.

For volunteering:

  • has nation-wide volunteering opportunities.
  • represents 14,000 member organisations with opportunities across multiple regions and sectors.
  • matches volunteers with organisations offering opportunities.


For more information on how to upskill your team, we have a range of training workshops available. Please get in touch for more information.