Meet the team: 5 mins with Tara Lohn

Picture of Tara Lohn sitting at desk

Tara Lohn is Managing Consultant for Finance, Charity & Professional Services

When did you join Bespoke HR and what prompted you to work for us?

I joined Bespoke HR four years ago having worked as an independent consultant following a career in corporate HR. I was attracted to the Bespoke HR model, working with SMEs and start-ups, whilst maintaining the flexibility of a consultant.

Tell us about your HR career background?

An HR career spanning retail, pharmaceuticals and financial services, has provided me with the breadth and depth of knowledge to confidently approach a wide variety of scenarios with a well-equipped armoury.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Building relationships with new clients, problem-solving complex and challenging issues and having the opportunity to influence decisions in fast-paced growth businesses.

What advice would you give small businesses owners who don’t have any HR support or budget about how they can look after their staff and their business?

Treat your staff as if they were your most valuable asset. Get that right and the rest will follow.

What are the biggest challenges your clients face would you say?

Post pandemic, small businesses are facing increased recruitment and retention challenges. Whilst they might lack the financial firepower of larger corporates, they have the advantage of being agile, with the freedom to react fast to a changing market. Remember that candidates are joining you at a key stage in your journey, and the opportunities this provides for accelerated development can be very attractive.

What would be your single biggest piece of HR advice?

Stay true to your core values.

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