Meet the team: Aaron Nightingale is HR Consultant at Bespoke HR.

When did you join Bespoke HR and what made you want to work for us?

I started at Bespoke HR in Summer 2021. I wasn’t looking for something new at the time and it was Jess, who I knew from a previous job, who told me there was an opportunity to join the team. I had a look at the company website and it was very positive. I spoke to Jess to find out more about the role and I felt it was something I’d really enjoy doing. I was then interviewed by Ian and Alison. After spending some time with them and hearing about the company and their ambitions, I knew I was going to say yes to joining!

Tell us about your HR career background

I completed a degree in Business Management and whilst studying I realised I had a particular interest in HR. I found those parts of the course most enjoyable and engaging. Once out of education, I joined a large private company with a good succession management structure; this enabled me to work my way up and I reached a point where I was responsible for a team of individuals, supporting to manage one of the business areas. From here, I moved into HR and haven’t looked back. I’ve enjoyed a variety of in-house HR roles along the way, whilst also completing my CIPD qualifications. I’ve worked in HR for a number of organisations to gain experience of different company cultures and to further build my understanding of how HR successfully operates in a variety of industries. Before joining Bespoke HR, I was working as an Employee Relations Specialist in a large organisation that acts as an ‘arms-length body’ to the Government.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

I enjoy being part of a team that enables me to collaborate and work with a range of talented HR professionals. There’s also something really satisfying seeing a variety of organisations develop and grow with us. A company will request Bespoke HR’s support at a particular point and, as their goals and objectives develop, so does the way we support the HR activities. It’s rewarding getting to be part of the journey each company is on.

What advice would you give small business owners who may not have HR support about how to look after their staff?

HR has long moved on from the days where it was seen as purely an administrative function. Suitable HR support and strategy enables an organisation to stay ahead of its competitors. Offer training to the management team so they can effectively manage people resources and, whenever possible, use an HR professional to give you guidance on broader HR goals and strategy.

What are the biggest challenges your clients face?

Being able to retain valuable employees can be a regular problem SMEs are faced with. If an organisation doesn’t demonstrate the worth of its staff back to them, it can lead to the loss of valuable assets. Salary has a significant impact on an individual feeling valued, so organisations should consider how compensation could develop as the business and its profits grow. In addition to this, company benefits should be reviewed to establish whether additional ‘perks’ (increased annual leave, private health plan etc.) can be introduced to keep an employee feeling valued and motivated. Whilst increasing salaries and investing in benefits will come at a cost to the business, the level of reward will help individuals to stay motivated and that will generate more profit in the long-term.

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