“Bespoke HR’s PDR system has become an integral part of POSSIBLE’s business. It is a well-designed and easy to use system, which is extremely robust; and offers a simple way for managers to capture real-time performance; making performance review a part of everyday work-life, and not just an exercise run by an HR team once a year.

The system is flexible and adaptable so you can tailor it to your business goals; and your organisation’s individual job roles and their competencies. The flow of the system works neatly and efficiently, with the email alerts and reminders being a great way of ensuring that managers and employees are constantly receiving and giving performance related feedback and keeping on track of objectives and development activities.

The system has been a perfect partner for our HR team in promoting a business culture of continuous performance improvement, and employee motivation and development. The team at Bespoke HR have also been incredibly supportive, open and quick in responding to system improvements suggestions, and partnering with POSSIBLE to build a review system which works for us in our creative industry.”

Michelle Cawley, HR Manager,