We’ve put together a return to workplace employee survey to help you gauge how your staff are feeling.

The current government advice (April 2021) is that:

  • Staff should continue to work from home if they can until lockdown restrictions or social distancing is relaxed.
  • Create a plan of returning to work which is COVID-secure if working from home is not possible.

Many businesses have taken this opportunity to re-think the traditional working structure and offer more flexible working options for staff. Many workers are now keen to continue working from home full or part-time, whereas others want to get back into the workplace. Employers will need to take individual approaches to how they structure their working patterns and locations, based on staff preference and feedback. Read our guide to flexible working for more information on how to implement this in your business.

Where working from home is not possible the CIPD is urging businesses to ensure they can meet three key tests before bringing their people back to the workplace:

  • Is it essential?

Are employers asking staff to return essential for productivity or wellbeing? Where it’s essential employers need to give clear guidance.

  • Is it sufficiently safe?

All employers have a duty of care to manage risks and protect staff whilst in the workplace. This will mean looking at the workplace to ensure it is COVID-safe. Read our return to work guide for more information.

  • Is it mutually agreed?

Understandably, some employees are nervous about returning. Therefore it’s essential to communicate openly with staff about how they are feeling and understand their concerns.

We’ve put together a free return to the workplace employee survey template to help you understand how your employees feel. This will help you in your planning. Download the questions and send via email or using an online tool like SurveyMonkey or TypeForm.