Performance appraisals

Structured staff appraisal programme created by HR professionals

We help you get the best from your team by creating simple and straightforward appraisal and review plans which feed into your business strategy.

Staff performance planning is not only good for morale, but can benefit your bottom line if your staff are performing to the best of their ability. Many managers dread appraisals but, with our help, they do not have to be a time-consuming, form-filling exercise.
They are also an integral part of many regulatory body requirements such as CQC and IFA.

How does it work? 

  • We will develop and implement a best practice performance management framework, structure and process to suit your business
  • Attend face-to-face meetings or provide guidance beforehand to help you get the best from your employees
  • Give you access to a library of template resources for conducting appraisals.

We have now had the Bespoke HR system for a few years, and we have never looked back. It makes for a more efficient and effective appraisal process, allowing people to access their own appraisals, giving managers a simpler more structured appraisal set-up, and making sure that all team members can add to their own appraisals or others throughout the year so that nothing is missed.

Cat Dingee

Operations Manager, Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic

Frequently asked questions

We want to introduce appraisals into the business, how can we do this?

We work with you to design the right appraisal tools for your business, helping you to roll out the process to your employees and their managers.

Can you help train my team to participate in appraisals?

Yes, we can offer training and support in how to conduct appraisals ensuring both employees and managers get the most out of the conversation.

What methods are available to capture the appraisal information?

We offer both online and paper formats for appraisals and match the most appropriate way with how you conduct your business.