HR support plans from as little as £210 per month

How does our pricing work?

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer a range of pricing options so you can choose the solution which best suits your budget.Download our brochure with pricing for HR support and payroll services.

We can hold a telephone consultation or meeting with you to understand your HR issue or requirements. We can then advise as to whether you sign up for one of our retained HR plans or should work with us on an ad-hoc project basis.

Once agreed, we will match you with one of our HR consultants who will be your main point of contact. Our team covers a wide range of industries and we match them so you work with someone who truly understands your business.

Our HR plans

Plan your HR strategy and implement it month by month over the year.

The benefits of our plans are:

  • Dedicated HR consultant for your business, so you will always speak to the same person each time you need assistance.
  • Carry over any unused HR time for up to two months when you are not busy with your HR and overuse at your reduced plan rate when you are.
  • Transparent and easy to understand time recording and billing.
  • No lengthy contracts, and a three-month break clause for new clients.
  • Peace of mind that you have HR support whenever you need it.
  • Access to employment law advice.

Download our brochure with pricing

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    Which type of plan do you need?

    To give you some idea of how our plans work, here are some example scenarios:

    Scenario 1: Small business taking on its first employee

    Client 1 owns a small business which is rapidly growing and employing staff. With no HR support in place client 1 doesn’t have adequate HR policies in place and is worried that employment contracts are out of date.

    Client 1 needs help with auditing existing documents, creating new templates and the peace of mind that they can call Bespoke HR if and when any staff issues arise.


    Solution: Plan A – download prices

    Scenario 2: Office manager in a large organisation (35 employees) looking for additional support or help on specific projects

    Client 2 already has an office manager who is responsible for day to day HR issues but needs to outsource specific tasks, including recruitment or staff engagement strategies. Client 2 needs support from a consultant who can come into the business and form part of the team, whilst benefiting from the back-up of Bespoke HR consultants.

    Solution: Plan C – download prices

    Scenario 3: medium-sized business with 20 employees and is experiencing the everyday challenges of becoming a larger business

    Client 3 has documents and policies in place, but needs more dedicated HR support to maintain their company culture and deal with employee relation issues. Client 3 wants to make sure that the business is falling on the right side of employment law and needs an HR consultant to be onsite once a week to be an extension of the business.

    Solution: Plan F – download prices