Price Plans

How much does it cost to outsource your HR?

We offer flexible pricing options – choose the solution which best fits your business.

Work with us on a retained plan

Plan your HR strategy and spread the cost over the year. Benefit from a sliding scale of reduced hourly rates for services and consultancy alongside many other plan benefits.

Our plans start from just two hours per month. Save your unused HR time for up to two months when you aren’t busy with your HR and overuse at your reduced plan rate when you are busy. Time is recorded to the nearest five minutes and billing is transparent and easy to understand. We provide flexible and affordable HR partnering to support your business as it grows.

Ad Hoc

Sign up as an ad-hoc client and use us only when you need us. “On-demand” consultancy work (either by phone or face to face) is delivered at a standard hourly rate with clear and transparent billing.

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