Advice for employers in extreme weather conditions

Snow flakes in background to illustrate blog advising employers what to do in extreme weather conditions

As an employer, what should you advise your employees about getting to and from work in extreme weather conditions?

Most adverse weather condition policies expect staff to make every reasonable effort, including the use of alternative means of transport, to get to work.

If they decide it is too difficult to get to work, there are usually four options:

  1. They can take the day(s) as annual leave
  2. Take the day(s) as authorised unpaid leave of absence
  3. If appropriate, and possible, work from home / or another location
  4. Make up the time at a later date (this will depend on their role)

Your staff must telephone a line manager before their start time to discuss the options.

Companies that close their offices for the duration of the weather could face paying their employees. We recommend putting together a plan before any extreme weather and involving staff/employees to agree to a practical solution that balances employee safety with the commercial interests of the business. For example, if you know that bad weather is forecast then consider telling employees to take work that they can do at home (the day before), subject to GDPR / DAP 18 compliance. This will avoid the need to pay for nothing if extreme weather just means it’s impossible for them to get in, as opposed to just difficult. If the business has a policy that covers this then make staff aware and adhere to it.  

For advice for employers in extreme weather conditions, get in touch with our team.