Disciplinary Action Procedures

All businesses are required to follow a minimum statutory disciplinary procedure. All too often companies do not follow procedures correctly and find themselves with a tribunal lodged against them.

The statutory employee disciplinary procedure states that disciplinarians need to be reasonable and comply with the following disciplinary procedure outline:

  • Application and scope including a prompt, fair and consistent process.
  • Principles such as investigation, confidentiality, and right to be accompanied.
  • Disciplinary hearings must have the correct preparation and conduct throughout.
  • Outcome must use the correct form of disciplinary sanction.
  • The right for employees to appeal.

We can help with:

  • Advice and support / management of all types of employment and HR investigations, including documentation
  • Advice and support / management of disciplinary hearings, including documentation
  • Providing note taking resource for investigations / disciplinary hearings

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Allan Cook
Operations Director, Chop’d

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