Grievance Procedures

Handling employee issues

Every business will experience problems between teams or have to deal with employee complaints. What we feel is important is how these concerns are dealt with as if unresolved these issues can cause deeper problems within a business. We work with you to help follow the ACAS recommended guidelines on how to manage a grievance process and look to find practical and pragmatic outcomes.

We offer informal mediation support and guidance to your team as a first step in trying to resolve issues with employees or between teams. Our HR consultants act as a neutral third party in the discussions with the aim of creating workable compromises to disputes.

We can also assist with a more formal grievance process from start to finish providing up-to-date legal advice, documentation and support at every stage.

How does it work? 

  • We will provide guidance and support as soon as an employee raises a complaint
  • Work with you to map out the grievance process
  • Offer mediation advice and support, if appropriate to the situation
  • Help you to understand the legalities and potential pitfalls within the process
  • Act as a sounding board and discuss possible outcomes and their implications
  • Provide advice and support in conducting and managing a grievance investigation
  • Support and manage grievance meetings and provide relevant documentation
  • Provide note taking resources for investigations / hearings



Bespoke HR have supported our HR operation whenever called upon to do so without delay or issue. They have helped us to successfully deal with staff issues, staffing issues that were not always straightforward. They provided us clear options, with considered advice and a range of appropriate actions and, whether it was advice for general HR matters and/or cases that required our awareness and adherence to employment law, we have been impressed with the prompt and inclusive advice given and the range of supporting documents available. The people at Bespoke HR are also great to work with!

George Lazarides

Customer Services Operations Manager, Phatpocket Limited

Frequently asked questions

Where can I understand more about the grievance process?

ACAS provide a great overview on how a business should conduct a grievance process. We take these guidelines and using our knowledge and experience translate them into a workable process that you can use within your business.

An employee has raised an issue with me but I am unsure if it could be classed as a grievance?

A grievance would normally take the form of a written compliant. This can be in an email, letter, contained within an appraisal or any other company document. However, even it has not been written down, its recommended to look into any complaint raised employee and treat it seriously to avoid any future employee relations issues. We would be happy to discuss with you the options available to investigate and resolve the complaint.

What is mediation and how does it work?

ACAS recommend mediation as the first step in trying to resolve an issue or dispute within a company. This can be tried informally before proceeding with a more formal grievance process. Depending on the situation our HR Consultants can use a variety of mediation methods and we have seen some really positive outcomes in resolving issues.

Do I need to invite employees to a meeting?

Yes, you need to formally invite employees if you are undertaking a grievance process to fully understand the exact nature of their complaint. We have a library of letters available and we can tailor them to match your situation or business.

Will I need to carry out a grievance investigation?

Depending on the situation you may need to interview other employees as part of an investigation to ensure you have all the facts. Our HR Consultants can support you in carrying out the investigation or carry it out on your behalf.

Do I need to take notes at the meeting?

It’s recommended that notes are taken at the meeting, both to act as a reminder of what was discussed and agreed and they should be as detailed as possible. We are happy to provide experienced note takers who are trained in keeping detailed confidential notes during disciplinary meetings.

I have a small business and don’t have the organisational structure to provide someone senior enough to have an appeal

We can support any size of organisation and give you options in who can hear your appeal. Our HR consultants can act as a neutral third party in disciplinaries or appeals.

I have got concerns about a recent complaint made by an employee- who can I talk to?

We would be happy to discuss your situation and provide guidance on appropriate next steps.