Grievance Procedure

Good grievance procedures are as important as disciplinary procedures.

If a grievance is not dealt with according to the statutory procedures, the employee may be able to lodge a complaint with a tribunal. Should they then be successful with that claim, the business could then be ordered to pay extra compensation as a fine for not following correct procedures.

Grievance procedures are needed:

  • To provide individuals with a course of action, should they have a complaint which they are unable to resolve through regular communication with their line manager.
  • To provide points of contact and timescales to resolve issues of concern.

We can help with:

  • Advice and support / management of all types of employment and HR investigations, including documentation
  • Advice and support / management of grievance hearings, including documentation
  • Providing note taking resources for investigations / grievance hearings

“Bespoke HR have supported our HR operation whenever called upon to do so without delay or issue. They have helped us to successfully deal with staff issues, staffing issues that were not always straightforward. They provided us clear options, with considered advice and a range of appropriate actions and, whether it was advice for general HR matters and/or cases that required our awareness and adherence to employment law, we have been impressed with the prompt and inclusive advice given and the range of supporting documents available. The people at Bespoke HR are also great to work with!”
George Lazarides, Customer Services Operations Manager,
Phatpocket Limited

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