Motivating your remote team

Tips for keeping your remote team motivated

Working remotely can feel isolating and it can be a challenge to stay motivated. As an employer, how can you keep your team motivated? Take a look at some of our tips for motivating your remote team.

Schedule regular check-ins

A weekly call or video call gives your team a focus. Make sure you stick to this each week to offer a routine. Consider individual calls and catch-ups in addition to weekly team meets to ensure that staff feel supported and part of the team. At Bespoke HR we use Google Hangouts but you can also use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Be creative in keeping the team together

Perhaps not everyone is keen to have quizzes or online drinks but ask the team to come up with ideas that help to keep the team connected. Using slack channels or fun newsletters helps the team share their news whilst they aren’t working in an office.

Trust them

Accept that working hours may now differ. You may have to be flexible in your approach to their working hours, and in turn, this will help them to stay motivated. Not being tied to a rigid 9-5 will help them to work around other commitments and focus more when they need to work.

Encourage them to take breaks

Just as you would in a ‘normal’ working day, encourage staff to take comfort breaks and allow themselves to get fresh air. For mental health purposes, it’s essential that they take some time for themselves.

Offer rewards and incentives

Rewards and incentives can go a long way in motivating staff. Recognising good work or teamwork should be a top priority and can even be a simple gesture of sending a small gift to their home as a thank you. If you are not in a position to offer financial incentives, there are other options such as awards, time off, volunteering opportunities or learning/development opportunities (such as additional training or upskilling).

Read our blog on how to incentivise your staff without money.

Make sure they have the right workspace set up

There’s nothing worse than working in conditions that are not conducive to productivity. Are your workers set up properly at home? Have you conducted a risk assessment? We have a free homeworking risk assessment template available. If they don’t have the right equipment make sure that they are fully set up with proper desk space and the IT support they need.

For more information get in touch, or read our guidance on how to manage your team remotely.

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