How to re-organise your start-up.

The first restructure in your start-up can feel like a mountainous task, but it’s the first stage in developing your business and helping to create loyalty amongst your workforce. What are the things you need to know about and how do you re-organise your start-up?

Create an HR strategy

Without this your restructure is fruitless. You need clear objectives and creating this strategy will define and guide the business development going forward. Your HR strategy should include:

  • How you will measure employee satisfaction (consider staff surveys)
  • Training and development opportunities (read our guide to running a training scheme)
  • The type of HR which is right for your business (proactive or reactive or both?)
  • A good recruitment strategy following the right processes (read our remote recruitment tips)
  • Flexible working options

Read our guide to creating an HR strategy.

Clearly define job roles

These should be aligned with the business objectives and form part of your overall HR strategy. Not only does this help your business to run smoothly but motivates your team and minimises confusion about responsibilities. Read our tips on creating job descriptions.

Audit your pay structure

Make sure that employees performing the same roles are not being paid different salaries and that there is fair structure across your business. Failure to do this can open your business up to risk, and in the worst-case scenario – accusations of discrimination.

Put a performance review procedure in place

This will help you to track employee performance, and make sure you are developing and managing staff effectively. There are many ways you can do this, read our blogs on appraisals for more help.

Introduce a company handbook

This should contain your HR policies and procedures covering everything from sickness to absence and maternity to grievances. This means all your staff will be following the same rules and will protect your business in the long run. Read our blog on why you need a company handbook.

Hold regular one to ones with staff

This will help you to communicate the changes they may be seeing in the business, but also gives them an opportunity to raise any issues or concerns they may have – which could be affecting their performance. We’ve put together some tips on managing your remote workforce.

Get in touch if you would like HR advice on how to re-organise your start-up. 

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