Meet the team: 5 mins with Laura Toft

Laura Toft head shot

Laura Toft is an HR Consultant at Bespoke HR

When did you join Bespoke HR and why did you want to work for us?

I joined Bespoke HR in November 2023. Having worked in in-house HR, I wanted the change and challenge of moving to consultancy and looking after a variety of companies, rather than just one.

Tell us about your HR career background? How did you get into HR and what motivated you?

I happened to fall into HR back in 2018 after relocating from Southampton. I started as an HR Assistant for a family entertainment company and have since moved through further education and healthcare industries in various generalist HR roles.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Supporting clients and being able to build great relationships in a fast-paced environment. I like the variety of HR situations I can deal with daily.

What advice would you give small business owners who don’t have any HR support or budget about how they can look after their staff and their business?

Be transparent, communicate well, recognise and appreciate – when appropriate – and foster a positive and inclusive workplace where employees feel valued and supported.

What are the most common HR challenges your clients face?

Consistency with policy and processes. Ensuring that policies and processes are well communicated to staff can eliminate future issues arising and support staff in feeling that they are being treated fairly and consistently.

What would be your single biggest piece of HR advice?

Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; encourage them and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.

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