Meet the team: 5 mins with Bria Freeburn

Bria Freeburn sitting at a desk

Bria is a Junior HR Consultant at Bespoke HR.

Bria originally joined Bespoke HR on a year student placement as an HR Assistant. After completing her MSc in Management (International Management) she returned as an HR Assistant, but was very quickly promoted to Junior HR Consultant. 

When did you join Bespoke HR and what attracted you to the role?

I originally joined in August 2019 on a student placement as an HR Assistant, for my year in industry as part of my degree. I was attracted to the role because of the variety of issues that Bespoke HR deals with. I knew that having the opportunity to do my placement here would mean that I would be able to see so many different aspects of HR, for such a wide range of different clients.

Since coming back full time I have really benefited from seeing things from the other side, being in the position where I’m responsible for the entire process. Looking after a range of different clients from different industries has allowed me to quickly become familiar with the different industry standards and approaches in play.

Tell us about your background. How did you get into HR?

During my degree, and even during my A-levels, I always found I was more interested in modules that focused on people, as opposed to things like finance. So, when I found out about HR and that it focused around people, it seemed like the best fit for me.

What do you enjoy most about the role? 

A benefit I have found of being in a consultancy is the variety. I have been exposed to so many different strands of HR, especially if you were to compare it to what I probably would have seen if I was in-house.

With Bespoke HR being a smaller business it also means that there is no room to hide, in a larger business I could easily get lost and get overlooked for work, but in a smaller one I get given a variety of work to do. 

At Bespoke HR everyone has so much experience, and I am constantly learning. 

What advice would you give small business owners who don’t have any HR support or budget about how they can look after their staff and their business?

Regular communication with all employees. By keeping open communication, it can ensure any concerns are addressed early on and therefore help to stop problems escalating to a level that requires formal action. Also, investing time in training the management team so they feel equipped to deal with concerns directly with the employee. As an employee’s line manager they are best positioned to have those discussions with employees.

What are the most common HR challenges your clients face?

Lack of documentation – in many Employee Relations cases, the sole reason why a lot of allegations aren’t upheld is because of lack of documentation. Spending time after meetings typing up a record of what was discussed may seem tiresome but in the long run can be really beneficial when it comes to building a case as it can show the bigger picture.

What would be your single biggest piece of HR advice?

Be consistent with everyone, it makes your case stronger as employees have less room to say they have been unfavourably treated if everyone is being held to the same standard.

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