Meet the team: 5 mins with Nicky Mori

Picture of HR Consultant Nicky Mori from Bespoke HR

Nicky Mori is Managing Consultant for Retail, Leisure, Hospitality & Security 

When did you join Bespoke HR and what prompted you to work for us?

I joined in July 2019. I was interested in Bespoke HR for many reasons, firstly as I knew one of the team already I knew it would be a lovely place to work and a professional team to be a part of which excited me. Secondly, the variation of clients and projects which Bespoke HR is involved in is really exciting; I love being kept busy and on my toes and this role is definitely perfect for that.

Tell us about your HR career background? How did you get into HR and what motivated you?

I have been in the people sector all of my career, I started in recruitment during my university placement year and it was there and then I knew that this was going to be the career for me.

Once I graduated and came back from travelling I was given the opportunity to work in London and from there my HR career started. I started my CIPD qualifications and have not looked back since. I have enjoyed lots of HR roles in the hospitality sector and my most recent role prior to joining Bespoke HR was as Head of People & Development for Jamie Oliver.

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

The variation –  meeting and working with so many different businesses and people. Every day is different.

What advice would you give small businesses owners who don’t have any HR support or budget about how they can look after their staff and their business? 

Communication is key! If you talk to your teams and you have an open dialogue with them then the hard side of HR is a lot easier. Also, always ask an HR professional if there are any concerns; the earlier issues or concerns are raised the easier the outcome.

What are the biggest challenges your clients face would you say?

Keeping up to date with best practice and implementation of change. Change management can be very difficult and it needs to be delivered in the right way which suits the business and its employees.

What would be your one single biggest piece of HR advice? 

Speak to your employees! If you have discussed or promised anything then always follow it up!

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