Payroll outsourcing: Workrate is a security company that supplies security solutions and compliance for data centres. In April 2021, it acquired 100 new staff to its UK business who work in secure locations on behalf of customers.

The challenge

Workrate staff were originally managed by an outsourced provider who handled all aspects of their employment. However, since TUPE-ing over and becoming employees of Workrate; this task also had to be brought in-house.

This wasn’t straightforward; new staff were on varying contracts, working different shift patterns with varied terms and conditions. In addition, some staff were paid monthly salaries whilst others were paid an hourly rate. This presented a challenge for the team in calculating the various pay and deductions each month. Workrate needed to find an efficient payroll solution to handle both the calculations and processing of pay for all employees.

The solution – payroll outsourcing

Workrate turned to Bespoke HR for payroll outsourcing and take away the considerable administrative burden of calculating pay each month.

The team now supplies details of each employee, rate of pay and the hours worked. Bespoke HR then calculates their pay, deductions (including tax, NI and pension), HMRC reporting, processes BACS payment and supplies pay slips.

Craig Pickard, Managing Director UK at Workrate, said: “Calculating payroll accurately for a large number of employees all working different shift patterns is a major task.  Outsourcing this process has given us peace of mind and freed up valuable resource within the business. The service operates like clockwork and we have peace of mind that deductions and reporting are accurate and made on time.”

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