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Free working from home toolkit

Are you confident that your staff are supported and productive when working from home? We’ve put together this working from home toolkit to help.

Are your staff set up properly?

Use our free homeworking Home-working Risk Assessment Template.pdf to make sure that their environment is conducive to homeworking. You can also read our post on setting up your team from tools to use to working hours.

Ask for feedback

It’s important to understand and learn from what works for your team and what doesn’t when it comes to remote working. Is the team communicating effectively? Are staff able to work collaboratively? Do they feel supported? Now would be a good time to send out a brief staff survey to help you shape the coming months. Read our guide to conducting a staff survey.

Support employee mental health

Looking after your staff’s wellbeing is more important than ever. It’s always important to regularly check in and keep track of how staff are feeling. We’ve put together a Finance-help-guide.pdf and a Wellbeing-resources-guide.pdf for you to download.

You may also like to read our guide to looking after your staff wellbeing.

Keep your staff motivated

Remote working can feel isolating and it can therefore be a challenge to stay motivated. We’ve put together a free guide with some tips on how to keep the team focused.

Download this post as a Working from home ticklist You may also want to read our advice about how to manage your remote team.   

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