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Let us help you with your HR documentation.

Bespoke HR can assist in the production of all HR-related company documentation. This can include, but isn’t limited to, employment contracts, company policies and procedures documentation, and staff handbooks. Of all the small to medium enterprises (SMEs) we represent, a staggering 45% did not have any form of documentation before partnering with Bespoke HR.

Why is documentation important?

Employment contracts are essential to all businesses. Very few companies realise that it is a legal duty to provide an employee with a written statement of the main employment particulars within 2 months of a start date. Contract terms and conditions must also comply with legislation as well as be suitable to your business.

While the importance of employment contracts may be obvious, the importance of company HR policies, procedures and staff handbooks may be less than clear. Perhaps most importantly, these documents can help protect the company against legal claims but there are many other benefits:

  • help to consistently manage staff
  • to support the company strategy
  • to keep up with competitors

Bespoke Company Documentation

The Challenge

A bespoke HR Health Check revealed that a small company of 20 staff had no employment contracts or company documentation. The Company Directors all had differing views on what was needed.

Bespoke Documentation:

Bespoke HR worked with the three Company Directors to establish what verbal employment terms and conditions were in place, and the current working practices with regard to company policy. A review was conducted to assess whether these policies were reflective of what the company was hoping to achieve. Bespoke HR then provided draft documentation that was legally compliant while also ensuring that only the necessary documentation is in place thus avoiding unnecessary ‘red tape’.

The Results

A universal message and strategy were developed with the Directors to allow the company to move forward in a positive direction. Contracts, job descriptions, a company handbook, and an appraisal system were all implemented. Bespoke HR also met with employees to help them adapt their working practices to meet the needs of the business. The total cost was in the region of £6000.

For support with your company documentation from our team of HR consultants, you can find out about how to work with Bespoke HR here. 

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