“I was first introduced to Bespoke HR through one of my clients and it has proved to be a very fortunate introduction.

From the very beginning Alison has a very professional and friendly manner and clearly knows a great deal about her subject. All the team are exactly the same and fun to deal with.

She has been extremely helpful to us in reorganising the way we manage our staff, I felt we were good at this already, but Alison has given us a new insight and created very efficient and effective systems to ensure that we get all our staff issues just right with everyone happy and working to their strengths

As a busy, business owner, you need eyes in the back of your head or you need Bespoke HR. At Dental Financial Associates we are relied upon by our clients to effectively manage all their financial and business related issues. Where we do not have adequate resources in-house, say with an HR issue, we are expected to refer other businesses that can actually sort out the problems.

We only work with dentists so it is vitally important that any company associated with us is reputable. We recommend Bespoke HR to our clients a great deal and are very happy to continue to do so.

Thanks Bespoke HR, you have made a very important part of my business much easier to manage.”

Martin Haines, Owner, 
Dental Financial Associates