Free Dogs in the Workplace Policy

Free Dogs in the Workplace policy - Template

Free Dogs in the Workplace Policy

Pets can foster a friendlier, happier workplace. However, you need to ensure that they don’t disrupt operations, damage property or cause issues to the team and or visitors.

Here is our free dogs in the office policy template on bringing, caring for and supervising dogs at work:

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    Dogs in the Workplace Policy

    This policy outlines our rules for bringing, caring for and supervising dogs at the [company name and office location].

    We expect everyone to read and respect this policy.

    Who this policy refers to

    This policy relates to all employees and contractors, who have passed their probation period.


    Before your dog is allowed on the premises, you must provide the following information via email to [email address]

    Confirmation your pet will not cause allergies or other medical problems to people or other pets.
    Confirmation that your pet is adequately toilet and obedience trained.
    Provide details of your dog: name, breed, age, recent photograph.
    Confirmation that your pet is clean, appropriately vaccinated and free of parasites.
    Sign the liability statement (see below).

    Dogs will not be considered for inclusion until they are, at least 1 year old and adequately trained. All dogs should be kept on a lead in the owner’s workspace. The owner is responsible for informing others of their dog’s presence. If your dog is unwell, they are not permitted into the office.

    Owner Responsibility

    Dogs must be supervised at all times in the workplace.
    Owners are solely accountable and responsible for their dog’s behaviour.
    Dogs must be walked only in permitted outdoor areas.
    Owners should clean up after their dog with dog mess cleaned up and removed from site, dog mess MUST NOT be placed in the office Bin.
    Owners must make sure their dog does not wander into restricted areas (as below).
    Make sure their dog does not endanger themselves or others.
    Make sure their dog does not damage company or employee property
    Make sure their dog does not distract the team (e.g. barking constantly, climbing on desks, dog play)

    If any of these occur, it falls to the Directors’ discretion to determine the seriousness of the pet’s actions. As a general rule, if the pet misbehaves three times or becomes overly aggressive, their owner may be prohibited from bringing the pet to the office. Owners will also be responsible for any expenses and cleaning resulting from their pet’s behaviour.

    We operate a three-strike warning policy for the following incidents: excessive barking, toileting within the premises, and entering restricted areas listed below.

    Should the dog get three strikes, or bite someone in the office, the dog will be required to leave immediately and will no longer be accepted in the office.

    Number of Dogs in the office

    A maximum of three dogs will be allowed in the office on any day.
    Should you wish to book your dog in for the day please email ‘[email]’ stating the day you wish to bring your dog in.
    If more than three employees request the same day, the person who last brought in their dog will not be eligible to bring their dog in.
    Dog days can only be booked 5 days in advance.
    No more than one day can be booked at anytime.

    [Company Name] Responsibility

    Provide a happy and healthy dog friendly working environment.
    We will ensure all team members and visitors feel safe in the workplace.
    We will take team member’s concerns seriously and investigate as soon as complaints are received.
    We have the right to review and make reasonable adjustments to the Dogs in the Workplace policy as and when required to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Team Members.


    This policy does not apply to service/assistance animals. They are allowed to move freely with their owners. If any problem arises because of service animals, we will make appropriate accommodations to resolve it.


    Please respect the below-restricted areas where dogs are not allowed:
    – Team Meetings
    – Meeting rooms during meetings with external parties (unless pre-agreed)

    Liability Statement

    In consideration of being permitted to bring a dog to the workplace, the dog owner does hereby unconditionally agree to take any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of actions arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury that may be sustained by any person, other dog or property in connection with or related to their dog in the workplace.

    The employee dog owner further hereby agrees to take full responsibility of the actions of their dog and protect and indemnify [company name] from any loss, damage, liability and expense, including legal fees, that may be incurred as a result of injuries to persons or other dogs or damage to property, directly or indirectly associated with the employee bringing their dog to the workplace.

    By signing this agreement the employee dog owner expressly acknowledges and represents that they have carefully read the foregoing terms and conditions and the [company name] Dogs in the Workplace Policy, and understands the contents thereof.

    Signature of Dog Owner:



    For advice and guidance on HR policies please get in touch and we would be happy to advise.

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