Free WhatsApp policy for staff template

Staff whatsapp policy

Free WhatsApp policy for staff template

For many of our clients, using WhatsApp is a simple and effective way to share information and communicate with the rest of the team in real-time. However, if you’re asking your staff to use WhatsApp for business-purposes, you should have a policy in place to protect them and your business reputation.

We’ve put together the following template for you to customise and use for your business:

Guidance notes for using this policy

You should ensure that your business already has a privacy notice and that it covers personal data which will be processed for business purposes. It should also state how long chats should be kept for.

Download our free Word template:

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    WhatsApp Guidelines

    We appreciate that as a busy practice/office/company we need to share various pieces of information and news within the team. With this in mind we have decided to do this is via a dedicated (BUSINESS NAME) WhatsApp group.

    All members of the practice/office/company are welcome to join the group and we encourage you to join to receive the latest updates on practice/office/company and ease the ability to (insert use of group- share news/swop shifts/ advise on opening times/ manage logistics / arrange team meetings).

    (NAME) will be responsible for the group as group admin and with your consent he/she will add your phone number to the group. Please be aware that the number you provide below will be visible and available to the rest of the group. You can opt to leave the group at any time and if you leave practice/office/company’s employment your number will be automatically removed from the group.

    WhatsApp Etiquette

    Here are some tips to ensure everyone gets the most out of (BUSINESS NAME) WhatsApp group:

    • Remember to be considerate and respectful to others
    • Please be polite and observe the same level of courtesy as you would do if you were speaking to someone face to face at the practice
    • Please refrain from commenting or sharing content (including videos or pictures) that could be interpreted as inappropriate, demeaning or inflammatory
    • Please only discuss work related or business matters on the group and use alternative groups or chats for personal discussions or organising out of work activities
    • Please do not share or discuss patient/customer/client information (this including names, issues / treatment details)
    • Please do not share confidential information about the practice/office/company or individuals on the group
    • Please continue to use current sickness absence process if you are sick and unable to attend work
    • Understand that the discussions will be moderated by the group admin and any inappropriate activity may lead to further investigation and potential action under the disciplinary procedure.

    If you have any queries or concerns about the group or its content please discuss this with (NAME).

    I agree to the telephone number outlined below being added to the (BUSINESS NAME) WhatsApp group


    Telephone Number: