Employment Law Advice

Accurate and up-to-date employment law advice when you need it

Employment law refers to the body of law that governs the relationship between employers and employees. It encompasses a wide range of legal issues related to the workplace, including hiring, termination, discrimination, harassment, wages and benefits, workplace safety, and workers’ compensation.

We have a team of CIPD-qualified consultants in-house whose experience spans a variety of sectors and industries. We also work closely with a national firm of top employment lawyers to offer the most recent and precise legal advice in line with changing requirements.

It doesn’t have to be a minefield as we provide you with access to regular employment law advice and guidance, keeping up to date with new legislation and legal best practice.

How does it work?

We can advise on:

  • Grievance and disciplinaries
  • Employee relations matters
  • Holiday pay
  • Family friendly rights
  • Flexible working
  • TUPE
  • Redundancies
  • Sex discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Race discrimination
  • Disciplinary and grievances
  • Maternity and parental rights
  • Working time regulations
  • Minimum wage
  • Harassment
  • Tribunals
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • GDPR (relating to HR best practice and procedure)

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Frequently asked questions 

I am hearing about potential employment changes in the news but I am not sure how they are going to impact my team; how can I keep up to date?

Our HR consultants are always happy to talk through any specific questions and we also provide regular updates to our clients via our monthly newsletter.