Our free holiday calculator lets you work out the holiday allowance for full-time employees, part-time employees, new starters and those leaving your business.


  • Column A: insert employee’s name, just for reference.
  • Column B: enter their weekly working hours (for example, in the spreadsheet Tina works 28 hours per week, full-time might be 37.5 hours).
  • Column C: enter the start date of your holiday year OR if this employee started after that date, the date when the employee started in the business (Your holiday year may run January to December or April to March).
  • Column D: enter the end date for your company holiday year OR if this employee is leaving or left before that date, the date the employee is leaving or left the business.
  • Column E: enter the number of days holiday this employee would receive if they were a full-time employee, regardless of their working hours (FTE).
  • Column F: this is the total number of hours holiday they are entitled to during this holiday period, these can be rounded to suit.

For new starters

You can calculate the holiday entitlement for a new starter at any point during the year by simply adding in their start date to column C and the end of the holiday year in column D.

For example: Sue joined on 1st February 2021 so her start date is 2021-02-01 and her end date is the end of the calendar year. The calculator will work out her hours for this time period.

Download the Holiday Calculator (64 downloads) .

Get in touch if you have any questions, we would be delighted to help or explain more about calculating holiday.

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