HR Policies and Procedures

Customised HR documents to fit with your business needs

Our HR Consultants have a variety of experience in a number of different industries and sectors. This helps us to create documents that match the needs, tone and nature of your business. We don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but work with you to create documents which protect your business but reflect your company ethos. It’s essential to have these in place not only to comply with legislation, but to support your business strategy and create a consistent approach as your business grows to keep up with competitors.

How does it work? 

  • Our HR Consultants will work with you to understand your business and recommend the right approach to your documentation.
  • We can create and customise:
    1. Employee handbooks
    2. Individual policies and procedures, such as consultancy agreements, data protection or flexible working
    3. Contracts of employment for full-time, part-time, temporary or freelance staff.

We have been working with Bespoke HR for the last year and they have helped us achieve all this year’s HR goals. Harmonising staff contracts, implementing an annual leave system and rationalising our appraisal system was all done with efficiency and professionalism.


Dr. Pamela Noon and Dr. Shernaz Wadia

Longborough Dental Practice

Frequently asked questions

I run a growing company and I think it is time to get some more policies and procedures in place, what can I do?

We can work with you to identify what policies and procedures are relevant for your business and industry.

I work in an industry that requires a level of legal compliance and I need to show I have robust policies in place, is this something you could help with?

Yes, we have a library of policies that are worded to support you in demonstrating compliance.

I am looking for a more informal employee handbook that is easy to use and can be adapted, is this something you offer?

Yes, we work on the tone of our wording to match your business culture, we even have a dog policy for dog friendly offices!